Smart project system

The toolset allows to create solutions from Visual Basic 6 workspace and/or project files. The project system adds additional files required by Visual Studio, but keeps classic VB workspace files in-tact. Any changes made to VB6 projects, like adding, removing or renaming files is synchronized with VBP files and vice versa; this gives developers the flexibility to use both the classic and modern environment when working on VB6 projects.

Project properties

The project system allows to view and edit Visual Basic project files (VBP) through configuration independent project property designer pages. The extension monitors changes made to classic VB project files and updates property pages accordingly.

Well-known editor

The toolset provides a language service for classic Visual Basic that adds line numbers, syntax highlighting (for keywords, numeric expressions and literals), navigation bar support and basic outlinging for types and members to the editor.

The extension also registers classification formats for both light and dark theme. Theme colors can be customized through the fonts and colors options dialog.

Symbol browsing

All symbols can be examined using the Object Browser and Class View, whereby symbols are shown in their typical notation including optional parameters and default values. The browser also distinguishes between Let-, Get- and Set-property accessors and shows them as separate members. Double-clicking an item in the view opens the defining code file in the editor.

Project and item templates

The extension provides templates for standard executable- and ActiveX application projects as well as project item templates for form-, user control-, class- and module files.